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Inventory Management Program
Simplify your electrical procurement process by using Pars Innovations' Inventory Management Program. Our extensive Inventory Management program will allow you to receive the parts you need in a timely manner and in the correct quantity.

Many companies have benefited from our program. Please contact us to find out how you too can benefit from this program.
JIT Program
"Just-in-time (JIT) is an inventory strategy that strives to improve business' return on investment by reducing in-process inventory and associated carrying costs. Just In Time production method is also called the Toyota Production System. To meet JIT objectives, the process relies on signals or Kanban between different points in the process that tells production when to make the next part. Kanban are usually 'tickets' but can be simple visual signals, such as the presence or absence of a part on a shelf. Implemented correctly, JIT can improve a manufacturing organization's return on investment, quality, and efficiency.
At the center of JIT quick notice of stock depletion allows personnel to order new stock, and is critical to inventory reduction. This also saves warehouse space and costs." Wikipedia

Many companies have benefited from such a program. Please contact us to find out how you can improve your business.
Make to Your Spec.
Our expertise and knowledge in wire, cable, power cord, and cable assembly will fill your interconnect needs. We provide you with a quotation when we receive a drawing and a sample from your Power Cord Assembly.

Please submit all your Drawings to Fax them to: (310) 263-1811 or go to the "Design A Cord" page on this website and submit your drawing through our website.
You can send your samples for evaluation to:
Pars Innovations, Inc.
Attn: Sales Department
3457 W. El Segundo Blvd. Unit C
Hawthorne, CA 90250
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